Surface Restricted Traces and Line Integral Convolution#

Utilze EnSight to investigate two types of surface streamlines: Surface Restricted Traces (using Particle Trace) and LIC (Line Integral Convolution)

Intended to work with EnSight version 24.2 or later

Start an EnSight session#

Launch and connect to an instance of EnSight. This example uses a local EnSight installation.

from ansys.pyensight.core import LocalLauncher

session = LocalLauncher().start()

# Setup shortcuts for long winded calls.
eocore = session.ensight.objs.core
eoutil = session.ensight.utils

Load a dataset#

Load Shuttle Session file included in the EnSight installation and render

    f"{session.cei_home}/ensight{session.cei_suffix}gui/demos/Shuttle Basic.ens"
session.ensight.view.highlight_parts("OFF")"image", width=800, height=600)

Option 1. Using Particle Trace to create Surface Restricted Traces#

Using a Particle Trace capability Parent Part and Emit part are the same part. Surface Restriction is ON. .. image:: /_static/05_srt_lic_1.png

emitter_part =
parent_parts = emitter_part
npts = 1500  # number of emitters
vector_var = eocore.VARIABLES["Momentum"][0]  # Vector variable to use

SRTpart =
)"image", width=800, height=600)

Change Visual Attributes#

Modify the attributes of the Surface Restricted Traces to be visually closer to Flourescene or Titantiam Dioxide (experimental use)

SRTpart.colorbyrgb = [0, 1, 0]
SRTpart.OPAQUENESS = 0.25"image", width=800, height=600)

Try Line Integral Convolution (LIC) instead#

As we don’t already have a near-surface, non-zero vector defined we need to create ‘Offset’ Variable. Create Offset Variable for Value of Momentum at 2.e-5 distance into fluid domain Specify Offset Variable as the variable for LIC. Specify High Contrast and 1 length for the LIC Specify that we want to see LIC for the Shuttle Surface

SRTpart.VISIBLE = False
session.ensight.part.select_byname_begin("(CASE:Case 1)Shuttle")
session.ensight.variables.evaluate("OffsetVar = OffsetVar(plist,Momentum,2e-05)")"OffsetVar")"ON")

session.ensight.part.select_byname_begin("(CASE:Case 1)Shuttle")
session.ensight.part.show_sft("ON")"image", width=800, height=600)

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