BETA: Omniverse Interface#

This release of PyEnSight includes a technical preview of an interface to export the surfaces in the current EnSight scene to an Omniverse server. This functionality is was developed against the “203” (2023.x) version of Omniverse. Other versions may or may not work. The interface supports EnSight 2023 R2 or later.

Python Interpreter Configuration#

To use this functionality, an installation of Omniverse is required and the PyEnSight module must be used from within an Omniverse Python interpreter. In most cases, the script editor in the USD Composer application. To install PyEnSight into the Composer Python interpreter the following script can be run in the embedded script editor (Windows->Script Editor menu):

import omni.kit.pipapi

It is also possible to install the module using the command line. To do this, one needs to find the installation location of the target tool. Looking at the settings for “Create”:


the install path can be found in the Omniverse GUI and the following may be run:

cd C:\Users\sampleuser\AppData\Local\ov\pkg\create-2023.2.5
kit\python.bat -m pip install ansys-pyensight-core

to install pyensight.

Basic Example#

The following can be run from inside the USD Composer script panel following the previous install. It can also be executed by the kit\python.bat interpreter, same as the one used during the configuration step. It assumes there is a local Nucleus server running that can be accessed via the URI: omniverse://localhost/Users/water.

from ansys.pyensight.core import LocalLauncher
s = LocalLauncher(batch=False).start()
uri = "omniverse://localhost/Users/water"

After running the script, scene will appear in the Nucleus tree view as User/water. The file dsg_scene.usd can be loaded into Composer. The s.ensight.utils.omniverse.update() command can be used to update the USD data in Omniverse, reflecting any recent changes in the EnSight scene.


The batch=False option cause the EnSight GUI to be displayed together with the Omniverse Composer GUI. Also, care must be taken to close the EnSight session before exiting Composer or is it possible to leave the EnSight instance running.