Python API differences in EnSight versus PyEnSight#

There are a few differences between the EnSight Python API and the PyEnSight API. Generally, the ensight module in EnSight and the Session.ensight class instance have the same interface. Most source code written against this API runs in both environment.

Free ENS_GROUP objects#

In EnSight, the following code is legal:

group = ensight.objs.core.create_group()

This code is not legal in PyEnSight because the target object (group) does not exist in the EnSight session. In general, methods that create free ENS_GROUP objects have been removed from the PyEnSight API.

Object class specialization#

In EnSight, ENS_PART proxy objects are used for all part types. Model, Clip, and Iso-contours are all of the ENS_PART class. In PyEnSight, model parts are of the ENS_PART_MODEL class, and clips are of the ENS_PART_CLIP class. These are both subclasses of PyEnSight’s ENS_PART class. This mechanism applies to ENS_PART, ENS_ANNOT, and ENS_TOOL classes.