PyEnSight documentation 0.8.1#


Ansys EnSight is a full-featured postprocessor and general-purpose data visualization tool. It is capable of handling large simulation datasets from a variety of physics and engineering disciplines. It includes the ability to load data and analyze results from different data sources simultaneously.

EnSight provides these key features:

  • Large data-tuned postprocessing

  • Time-varying visualization and analysis

  • Complete palette of visualization algorithms, including clips, isocontours, vectors, particle traces, and vortex cores

  • Extensive collection of calculator functions

  • Support for a large number of file formats

  • High-performance rendering (local and remote)

  • High-quality rendering

  • Embedded Python scripting

What is PyEnSight?#

PyEnSight is part of the PyAnsys ecosystem. A Python module that can be installed in most any Python distribution, PyEnSight provides the ability to launch and control an EnSight instance from an external or remote Python instance.

With PyEnSight, you can launch an EnSight instance, connect to it, and run commands using the same syntax that the embedded Python interpreter uses. Additionally, PyEnSight includes access to the visualization systems of EnSight via images, geometry files, and remote HTML rendering. Because PyEnSight also supports the object event system, you can use its interfaces to develop asynchronous, remote, or desktop apps.

Documentation and issues#

Documentation for the latest stable release of PyEnSight is hosted at PyEnSight documentation.

In the upper right corner of the documentation’s title bar, there is an option for switching from viewing the documentation for the latest stable release to viewing the documentation for the development version or previously released versions.

You can also view or download the PyEnSight cheat sheet. This one-page reference provides syntax rules and commands for using PyEnSight.

On the PyEnSight Issues page, you can create issues to report bugs and request new features. On the PyEnSight Discussions page or the Discussions page on the Ansys Developer portal, you can post questions, share ideas, and get community feedback.

To reach the project support team, email


PyEnSight is licensed under the MIT license.

PyEnSight makes no commercial claim over Ansys whatsoever. This library extends the functionality of Ansys EnSight by adding a remote Python interface to EnSight without changing the core behavior or license of the original software. The use of interactive Ansys EnSight control by PyEnSight requires a legally licensed local copy of Ansys EnSight.

For more information on EnSight, see the Ansys EnSight page on the Ansys website.

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